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Hello! I am...

TaQuita M. Hogan-Claiborne

I am TaQuita, your TexasLawDiva (Defending Individuals Virtuously & Affordably) who takes pride in providing you professional quality service, cost effective and personable legal assistance. 

My staff and I  is are at  your service. We offer each client the personal attention and care they deserve.

We provide service of only the highest quality at a reasonable cost. 

Our attorneys and paralegals are not only extremely experienced, highly motivated and professional, but also highly responsive to clients' needs. Phone calls and emails are responded to promptly. Attorneys are directly involved in their cases and are reachable by phone at all times.

Texas attorney lawyer probate wills estate planning immigration financial literacy legal assistance generational wealth
Texas attorney lawyer probate wills estate planning immigration financial literacy legal assistance generational wealth

TaQuita M. Hogan-Claiborne, Esq.

Did You Know....?

 We Off​er Concierge Services​

With this service, we are available for visits at our client's home or work. 

This allows our client to have the choice of meeting at our impressive luxurious office location, having an attorney come to their home or business, or conduct a video consultation. 

With our flexible plans, our clients no longer have to stress about missing work to meet with an attorney.

Wills/Probate/Estate Planning: 

*in-home visits, where appropriate

*client office visits, where appropriate

*notary public

*disinterested witness, if applicable

*annual updates (20% discount)

*annual review of estate plans, assets, changes in the law, if applicable 

*free wills report

*free checklist


* free copies

*visa guidance & support

*notary public

*document collection

*appointment scheduling

*visa status updates

 * courier delivery of visa, passport, etc.

* arrange transportation needed inside the US such as taxi, Uber, car rental, hotel, USCIS interview, law office visits.

Join us and look "beyond the constraints of tradition" and enjoy our professional quality service, cost effective and personal legal assistance that includes concierge services tailored to fit just how you like it.

TaQuita M. Hogan-Claiborne, Esq.

Immigration Services

We represent businesses and individuals in filing the proper INS forms and planning the right strategy to achieve their objectives which include seeking working visas such as H-1B visas, employment and family based green cards, student visas, and other immigration objectives. Our clients range from large companies with assets in excess of $7 million to individuals.

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning Services

We represent and protect the rights and interest of decedents, heirs, and beneficiaries which includes will preparation, will review, heirships, trusts, living wills, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney and more.

Financial Literacy Consultant Services

It is more than just property but your ASSETS that you EARNED or INHERITED, so it is important to LEARN HOW to GATHER them, COLLECT them, MAINTAIN them & PROTECT them!

--TM Hogan-Claiborne, Esq.

I educate clients on how to take the proper steps to protect their wealth "one step at a time".  

Business Formation Services

We help small businesses plan and set up corporations, general partnerships, limited liability companies which includes drafting shareholder agreements; processing corporate and partnership dissolutions; compelling accountings.

Intellectual Properties Services

We provide intellectual property protection by providing individuals and businesses with advice, counseling, investigation, and evaluation of their trademark, service mark and copyrights which includes contract preparation, review, negotiation, and filing of appropriate documents.

General Transactional Services

We help businesses and individuals create and evaluate contracts including bill of sales, consignment agreements, consulting agreements, employment agreements, general contracts for products/services, living trusts, living wills, power of attorneys, subcontract agreements, uncontested divorces with or w/o child, work for hire agreements, wills, and many, many more!


"More than just a neighbor!  Thank you!"

Mr, & Mrs. Dozier

"Attorney Claiborne, thank you for years of service." 

Mr. Ogunmola

"You got it done for us & we are grateful!"

Mr. & Mrs. Kotun

"Thank you for all you have done!"

Mrs. Gray

"We received wonderful service from Mrs Hogan-Claiborne. She was very thorough and thoughtful while explaining the details of the packet we were purchasing. Her explanations were detailed for us to make informed decisions quickly. We are very thankful for her patience and understanding."

Ms. LaCroix

"TaQuita M. Hogan-Claiborne, Attorney at Law & her paralegal DeShanda Bygrave for their hard work and dedication & their willingness to work beyond their legal obligations."

Ms. Thomas

Quality Service


Cost Effective


 Legal Assistance

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