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Financial Literacy Consultant

It is more than just property but your ASSETS that you EARNED or INHERITED, so it is important to LEARN HOW to GATHER them, COLLECT them, MAINTAIN them & PROTECT them!

I educate clients on how to take the proper steps to protect their wealth "one step at a time".


With the assistance of Dr. Lynn Richardson and the vast of educational material she and other financial consultants such as Sandy Botkins, a CPA & former Attorney for the IRS have provided me. Thereby, I provide my clients the tools and resources needed to assist them in accomplishing their financial wealth goals --- "one step at a time". For direct link to the resources,TAKE A STEP HERE!

You may also click here. This is an affiliate site & I will receive a fee. 

Chronicles of Financial Wealth Building

When we began our personal Chronicles of Financial Wealth Building....

Yes,  as a family, we took dedicated serious steps to Getting back to the basics & “honor the laws of math” – This meant we needed a financial plan; we needed to do the work & to identify exactly where our $$$s were and/or are being spent which included tracking EVERY penny.

Then we asked others to join us. Why don’t YOU join us… come on, it’s never too late, so it’s an opportunity to press the reset button! NOW LET’S DO THIS!

Grab a notebook & grab a pencil/pen & write down every expenditure for next 20-30 days. SERIOUSLY... EVERY PENNY!

 Well, here goes ... DAY ONE: XX/XX/20XX!


Again, we are not taking this journey alone. Check it out! It is more than just website links... it is access to a wealth of information and knowledge.

But for me, it has evolved to be so much more---It's a new journey. I hope you Come & Join us.

Come take a look at our "CHRONICLES OF FINANCIAL WEALTH BUILDING".  And let's get start yours TODAY! 


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